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Accounting is more than numbers. While investigators in the US TV series Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) examine crime scenes and search for clues to crack mysteries, do you know that you can do the same as an accountant in forensic accounting? Find solutions to crime by detecting and preventing embezzlement, tax evasion, and money laundering.



The face of an accounting practitioner has changed in the past several years. Amidst the challenging and dynamic business landscapes, the accounting practitioner has evolved and is now a no-nonsense strategic planner and a critical partner in business management.


Equipped with a strong sense of ethics, transparency, accountability, and financial discipline, alongside the worldwide demand for accounting proffessionals, your chances for an exponential future is multipying in unimaginable proportions.


GLOBAL INNOVATIVE offers the following options in the Accounting discipline:


- A 5-year degree program in Accountancy that will allow you to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) upon successfully passing the professional licensure examinations


- A 4-year (non-licensure) degree program in Accounting Technology that will allow you to be an accounting practitioner. The program is offered parrallel to Accountancy. Add 1 more year and you’ll be eligible to take the professional licensure examinations.


Job opportunities as Accountants / CPA

Listed below are examples of the many job opportunities that awaits a CPA:


Public Accounting

- Individual CPAs or professional firms who offer to the public expertise for a fee as auditor, accountant,

  tax consultant, financial planner


Private or Industry Accounting

- Accountants are employed by companies as financial analysts/accountant, controller, internal auditor, budget officer, tax officer, chief information officer


Government and Not-for-profit Organizations

- Employed by NGOs or government (Commission on Audit, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, BIR, SSS, GSIS,

  Bureau of Customs, NBI) as financial accountant, controller, auditor, budget officer etc.


Research and Education

- Accounting professor, Accounting reviewer, Researcher.


It is never too late to choose BS Accountancy in Global City Innovative College.

Visit me and let’s talk about it. I’d love to meet you soon as BS Accountancy students of GLOBAL INNOVATIVE and I’d love you more if I see you pass the CPA Examination.

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