Enrollment Procedure

Special Scholarship

The Admissions Office provides and promotes relevant information that assists potential students in joining the institution. It also process initial documentary requirements for admission.



1. GCIC shall maintain an academic standard on its own in parallel to the mission and vision of the Institution, with due consideration to the requirements of all relevant government regulatory bodies.  Hence it is the policy of the Institution to review and modify admission and testing standards periodically.


2. The Admissions Office shall maintain the highest standard of confidentiality and integrity by securing admission and testing materials and outputs at all times.


3. It is the policy of GCIC to assess subjects taken from previous college or university prior to final accreditation. The basis for the accreditation shall be the subject, course description and number of units required.


4. Successful examinees are required to submit pre-enrolment requirements.  Failure to submit the admission credentials after one (1) semester of attendance at GCIC will render the student’s enrolment null and void.


5. A student who incurs change of status, address and other relevant information should immediately inform the Registrar’s Office in writing.


6. The Institution shall admit foreign student-applicants to enroll provided they satisfy all admission requirements of GCIC and outside agency educational partners.


7. Applicants may be admitted on the bases of performance in the GCIC Entrance Test (GET), Interview, General Weighted Average (GWA) and other requisites required by the specific program.



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