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I graduated BS Nursing at GCIC in 2009. After some rigorous studying and reviewing at my alma mater with guidance from my respectable GCIC mentors, I then took and passed the nursing board exam. After a few months of passing the Philippine nursing board exam, I took the NCLEX-RN and passed it with relative ease. At that time, I was vacationing in the USA, eventually stumbling upon a job opportunity for a private gastroenterology practice, which I now manage. Since I have become the Practice's Medical Services Manager, I have helped to expand the practice to two locations in Las Vegas. The practice has served many thousands of patients now. I have used my training at GCIC at provide administrative and clinical skills for this practice. Furthermore, over the past few months, I have helped to expand the business further by helping building an ambulatory surgical center. Aside from administrative and clinical roles for the soon-to-open surgery center, I have had the fortunate chance to become a part owner of this ASC as well. GCIC has trained me to become a responsible resource in the businesses I work for and I am truly grateful to have graduated from a good educational institution.


By: Jose Raphael C. Villablanca, Batch 2009


Hi globalians. I would like to share my little success to my career. As a globalian, you must always remember the word LIFE to become a successful one, Leadership Innovation, Fellowship, Excellence. By applying that to myself, i can say that i'm a slightly successful globalian because i am very lucky to be part of an International Engineering/Design company. I always give my best and efforts to my job in my everyday life in work. When they found out that i have a potential, they offered me a IT training and certification exam to enhance my skills and knowledge as an IT people. I grabbed the offer and study while i have works every mondays to fridays and every saturdays for my training. When my training finished, i took the certification exam and as i saw the result, i passed the certification exam called "CompTIA A+". For me as an IT people, this is a big success for me because not all the IT people pass the said training and exam and not all people hires in a very good company that offers for the needs of their employees. For me, this is just the start of my journey to success. Just do your best in everything, and don't be contented on what knowledge you have. Earn more and use it in the future.


By: Louie Carpio, Batch 2015


We know that every parent in the world wants their children to have a good future... EDUCATION is the best thing which they could give us. My family chooses GLOBAL CITY INNOVATVE COLLEGE for my brain appetite! Despite our financial problem, and because they trust G.C.I.C. and they believe that it give their daughter a high quality of education, my hardworking parents gave me the chance to be GLOBALIAN! Having GLOBAL CITY INNOVATVE COLLEGE as my mentor, it builds in me a strong personality and confidence in dealing with things that come my way.


By: J-anne Fuentes, Batch 2010


Coming from a small town in a province to study in Manila was unforgettably nerve wracking. My initial perception of college life was even fuelled by the thought of going to a college which was known for its wealthy students. Yes, that's what people thought of GCIC on its 2nd year of operation. So much have changed over a decade. GCIC has now established its own reputation and continues to produce competitive graduates. Being a product of GCIC myself, I can attest that my college years have helped me, trained me and prepared me to be a globally competent professional. Who would forget the "battery exam", the panel interview, thesis presentation and clinical prac? They were literally overwhelming in a holistic sense for an average student like me. However, with the help of my professors and classmates, those things made me consider them as an agency to boost my confidence and to enhance my capabilities that I never knew I have. These had a major impact for me to further my education and to get where I am now.


The fun part in my GCIC years were immeasurable. The academic hardships were compensated by numerous recreational activities organized by our dedicated professors. These types of activities cultivated our hidden talents that could have been hidden for the rest of our lives if not encouraged. We appreciated ourselves and others as well as we get to know them better in activities involving the whole class and groups (houses). College like high school is where you find new friends that would make your college journey easier. I developed good friendships not just with my classmates but also with my professors. It was indeed a very fulfilling experience to be a part of GCIC employed with devoted faculty.


I will forever carry and implement the leadership, excellence and innovation that my Alma Mater has nurtured in me.


Submitted by: Chrysa Fayette Tan, Batch 2007


This is a great initiative to inspire GCIC students.

 I have my own success story but this is somehow, not directly, related to my profession.

 I'm a GCIC nursing graduate (Batch 2007) and I also passed the board exam on June of the same year. I'm currently working as a Senior Process Trainer to one of the highly recognized Insurance Company in the Philippines. I started as a Customer Service Officer (May 2008) and people normally called us Call Center Agent, a person who answered phone calls, but this is the job that boost my moral as a person and help me practice my profession (Professional Nurse). After a year, i was promoted as a Quality Officer, I worked hand in hand with the people in the Operations Floor as well as the Client (Australian, Singaporean and Filipino) to make sure that agents meet the 100% quality of service. After another year, i was promoted as a Process Trainer wherein I trained newly hired agents and make sure that they deliver the best service to the company. 6 months after, I am now a Senior Process Trainer, managing trainers and agents in the company.


For the last 3 years and 7 months, I always dreamt of working in the hospital as a normal nurse but looking at it I am now practicing what I have learned not just in my Med-Surg book but also the values GCIC has thought me. I became innovative by maximizing my potential, exploring my options and becoming productive. I always carry the values i have learned from my Alma Mater and here I am successful in my own country.

Hope this will inspire others.


Submitted by: Ana Rose Nicolas, Batch 2007


It was in 2007 when I graduated from GCIC with the course of BS Nursing. I am not a registered nurse yet, however, I believe that there is a bright side behind that. Now, I am part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as a Regular Officer of Philippine Air Force since 16 JULY 2010.  Although I’m not practicing my profession as a Nurse, I am also serving the people as what other Nurses do plus my great responsibility to serve the nation. As of now, I am assigned at Wallace Air Station as an Acting Squadron Commander of Supply and Support Squadron here in San Fernando City La Union.


Submitted by: Elma Lea Aquino, Batch 2007





I graduated in March 2006, took the board in June 2006 and thankfully passed. But because of the leakage issue I wasn’t able to get a job right away. I applied to different hospitals and fortunately I got accepted in Ospital ng Makati by February 2007. I worked on different areas there (ER, Isolation unit, payward but now general ward). I voluntarily took the retake exam of parts 3 and 5.and I’m proud to say that I passed! I resigned at Osmak December 2007 due to personal matters and got married at that time (July 2007).


By 2009, I began applying abroad. I found an agency that offered me work in Riyadh, KSA. After discussing with my husband and the family, I grabbed the opportunity in Nov. 2009. I flew to Riyadh and worked as s staff nurse at Barakat Medical Center for 2 years. I finished my contract and now I’m home! As of now, I’m enjoying my vacation and applying to another company with my husband this time.


Submitted by: Ariane Kae Medrano Orpilla, Batch 2006

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