Frequently Asked Questions

Where is GCIC exactly located?

444 EDSA PET PLANS TOWER ANNEX (Near Rockwell and Estrella)


What are your contact numbers?

Hotline : 666-8882 / 882-4242

Admissions Office:  882-4242 local 813 / 814 / 815


What is your website address?


What is your email address?

Admissions Office email address:


How many years is GCIC in operation?

Since 2002


Why should I enroll at GCIC?

Innovative, value-oriented & Industry responsive programs

Secure, safe & strategic  location

Surprisingly affordable fees

Wise investment in education


What are your office hours?

Mondays to Fridays-8:00-5:00 PM

Saturday-9:00-4:00 PM




What is your admission procedure?

We have an easy hassle-free admission procedure:

Visit and talk to any Admissions and Evaluation Staff and secure your Admissions Application Form


For Transferees:  Pay the indicated application or testing fee after the evaluation of subject credits

For Freshmen:  Admission is free (No testing fee)

Sign up for the entrance test schedule or take the exam conducted everyday starting first Saturday of August each year.

After the exam, applicant is scheduled for interview.

Admission results are released immediately after the interview by issuing a Notice of Admission (NOA) to the applicant

The NOA and admission credentials will be presented to the Admissions Office for enrollment.


Are foreign students eligible to enroll?

Yes, after compliance with Foreign Students and GCIC admission requirements.

Acceptance fee  -  $100.00


What are the components of the entrance exam?

It is a 140-Item standardized test covering General Information, Mental Alertness, Language and Arithmetic.

The test is a multiple-choice type.

The last item of the Exam is an Essay which should be finished at least 15 minutes and will be graded according to grammar and content organization.


What are the requirements for the incoming freshmen students?

4th year report card (Form-138)

Certificate of good moral character from last school attended

Authenticated Birth Certificate from NSO

Marriage contract (for married female student-applicant)

2 pcs 2x2 & 2 pcs 1x1 colored pictures


What are the requirements for the transferees/2nd coursers?

Transcript of Records or complete copy of grades

Transfer credentials (Honorable Dismissal)

Certificate of good moral character from school last attended

Authenticated Birth Certificate from NSO

Marriage contract (for married female student-applicant)

2 pcs 2x2 & 2 pcs 1x1 colored  pictures




 Do you have financial assistance for those qualified students aside from scholarship program?

Yes, subject for review and evaluation


 What is the tuition payment scheme?

Modes of payment:  Cash (full payment) & Installment (with a surcharge of P1000.00)




Do you have academic scholarship for top H.S. graduates?

To qualify: Grade requirement of 85 in all subjects and GPA of 88.

Score:  70 and above in scholarship screening.  Discount is dependent on score attained.


Do you credit subjects from TESDA programs?

Yes, for general education courses  subject to our  institutional  criteria which is a grade of 80, same units and course description.

No credits for  professional subjects.


Do you accept cross-enrollees?

Cross-enrollees are accepted.


Student applicant submits cross-enrollment permit and good moral character certification to the Registrar’s Office.


Is GCIC accredited?

GCIC is CHED Recognized Institution and preparing towards program accreditation.




Do you assist your students to find a job after graduation?

The Office provides career information to GCIC graduates that are related to their degree program

Job openings are sent via e-mail

We inform them of seminars/trainings that are needed for their continuing education.




Do you have student organizations?

Yes, under the following categories:


Special interests – these are organizations showing their talents in singing, dancing, arts, etc.  These include: Dance Troupe, Rockoustica, Es Cosmos, Beaux  Phils. Prod (BP Prod), Drama Guild, Globalian Press Corps and GCIC Chorale


Transformation – these are organizations honing the leadership skills of our students.  These include: COMSEL, Globalian Nightingale Community Mission (GNCM), Beta Mu Society


Academic – these are subject-based or college-based organizations of our students. These include: GCIC Student Nurses Association (GSNA), Global Educators Organization (GEO), TINIG.


Recreation – these are the organizations showing desire to their hobbies. These include: Chinese Learning Club and Submission Grappling Club.





What kind of academic assistance do you offer to students?

Academic scholarships,

Mentoring and academic counseling for students who have academic deficiencies

Academic advising during enrollment

Industry internship and international business exposure


Do you inform parents about students’ academic performance?

Yes. We have academic advising for students with academic failures. Feedback are given to students and parents  regarding their performance.

Global City Innovative College

444 EDSA, Makati City (PET Plans Tower Annex, near Estrella and Rockwell)

882-4242 / 666-8881

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