Guidance and Counseling Center

The Guidance and Counseling Center provides professional guidance and counseling services and conducts efficient data gathering procedures, results of which are used effectively to serve the GLOBAL Innovative Community.


Counseling Services


Individual Counseling

Private conferences can be scheduled for individual student to help him/her talk more easily and openly, to

listen to him/her, and to answer his/her questions. Counselors build relationship to enable the students to

face, express and learn to cope with their disturbing feelings and thoughts.


Group Counseling

This is an extension of the counseling assistance to large groups concerning common problems in personal, social, academic and vocational areas. Students discover that they can be accepted inspite of their faults, that other students also have problems (some more serious than theirs), that they want to help them solve their problems, and that they have confidence in their ability to do so. Furthermore, they are prepared to reinforce their desired behaviors.


Facilitates Case Conference

This provides a forum for teachers and counselor to share and discuss issues and strategies on how to assist students who need help.


Appraisal Services :

Personality Test/Assessment, Aptitude or Mental Ability Test, Projective Test (Special Cases)


Testing services include the administration and interpretation of psychological, mental ability and personality tests for all levels. These tests facilitate better understanding of students’ strength and weaknesses, and help identify multiple intelligence as basis for academic interventions and other purposes. This is a built-in service, which focuses on psychological assessment/testing of students as need arises.


Year Level Thrusts

Freshmen - Life Management (Administering SAMMS) Middle Interview

Sophomores - D ecision-Making and Career Planning (Administering Myers Briggs)

Juniors - Professional Career Management (Career Exploration Seminar)

Seniors - Life Vocation & Social Responsibility Exit Interview


Information Services

This provides up-to-date record of all information pertinent to the students’ personal and family background, academic and personal concerns, multiple intelligence as bases for identifying their interest for intervention program purpose.


Follow-Up Services


Research and Evalu ation

This service is concerned with the systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of activities conducted by the Guidance and Counseling Center. It is also responsible in conducting researches that would be utilized by administrators, faculty and students in the attainment of quality education and other related programs. The data maybe used for possible intervention program.


Student Empowerment Programs and Other Services


Peer Counselors League

The Guidance Counselors extend this service to interested students in creating self-awareness and in helping them recognize their strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness. The student-participant shall be trained and shall be given practical/basic counseling skills to help and facilitate their peers to talk freely about themselves in a non-threatening, non-defensive situations.


Transformative Cells (T-Cells) Facilitator Trainings

T-Cells Program aims to provide student-participant acquire skills in effective listening, understanding and multiplying his/her T-Cells skills with others. Open to all GLOBAL Innovative students, T-Cells strive to start a dynamic movement, imparting to its users a collaborative means of dealing with divisive issues and challenging current events. Interested students are encouraged to visit the Guidance and Counseling Center for further details.


Referral to Other Professionals

This program helps the students in identifying related agencies in the community where professional help can be obtained for a particular problem. This is an expression of the Guidance and Counseling Center’s desire to continue the propagation of pro-social behaviors among GLOBAL Innovative students which is hoped to do in partnership with other individuals and groups. This aims to strengthen efforts to accept calls from the margins of society; thus, enabling the students to find more opportunities to commit to causes larger than others.


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