Health Services Office

The Health Services Office facilitates health services based on the internationally accepted standards and practices. It participates actively and leads the way in educating the GLOBAL Innovative community on healthy living, sickness prevention and wellness. The clinic is open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


Medical Consultation


A student who goes to the clinic for consultation due to sickness shall sign the Consultation Logbook for

record purposes and shall be observed by the school physician or nurse if necessary. After getting the results, the student shall go back to classroom and shall present the consultation slip to the teacher as evidence. If the student’s health requires him/her to go home, the physician shall issue a medical excuse slip to him/her. The slip must be presented to his/her teacher when he/she goes back to school.


 A student who absents himself due to sickness shall be required to submit a Medical Certificate, duly signed by the attending physician, should contain doctor’s contact number. The document should be submitted within seven (7) days from the date of absence, along with an excuse letter duly signed by the guardian, his/her valid identification card, and contact number as soon as the student reports to class. Once verified, Health Services Office shall issue a medical excuse slip to be submitted to the concerned faculty for re-admission purposes. Incomplete requirements and requirements submitted beyond the specified date shall not be validated.


First Aid Treatment


The school clinic shall treat minor injuries and illnesses occurring at school. When a student has moderate or severe injury at school, the school clinic shall give immediate and proper first aid care and shall prepare the student for further treatment in the nearest hospital or hospital of choice.


As soon as possible, the clinic shall contact and inform the guardian.


If the student’s condition warrants immediate treatment, the school nurse or school physician shall obtain permission from the guardian to transport the student to the nearest hospital.


If further treatment can be delayed, the clinic shall ask the parent/guardian or nearest contact person to come and pickup the student from school clinic.


If an injury or illness happens after clinic hours, clinical instructors, as authorized by the Program Chair of the School of Nursing, shall assess and shall recommend the student for further medical treatment.


Medical Requirements for Admission, RLE and OJT (for Degree and Non-Degree Programs)


The clinic shall conduct Physical Examination to all incoming freshmen, transferees and returnees.

It shall facilitate dental examination to all freshmen only and annual medical examinations to all students.


Enlisted students can avail of the Medical Examination only upon payment at the Accounting Office.


A student who cannot attend his/her scheduled examination is required to comply during the adjustment

period. Payments of students who failed to come to their scheduled date of vaccination will be forfeited.


Medical clearance shall be issued once the student has completed the entire requirement. He/She must

present the slip together with the Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF) during the first day of classes for

admission purposes.


 A student who fails to comply with the medical requirements beyond the allowed completion date shall be

reported INCOMPLETE to the issuing department of the examination permit. The concerned office shall NOT release examination permit without clearance from Health Services Office.


Students with Physical and Medical findings shall be advised for further evaluation and are required to submit Medical Clearance.


Other Services outside the Specified Medical Requirement

The clinic shall conduct Hepatitis Vaccination to all students in all colleges. Students who fail to comply with the scheduled vaccination shall be required to pay the non-compliance fee.


Official medical clearance shall be issued to each student who has completed the total required dose. HEALTH SERVICES OFFICE SHALL ADMINISTER ONLY THE EXISTING VACCINATION REQUIRED (HEPATITIS B).


Guidelines and Procedures for MINI-HOSPITAL Use


Only Clinical Instructors (CI) shall be allowed to borrow the Mini-Hospital for clinical demonstration.

The CI-borrower must:

- Secure a permit three (3) days before the scheduled date of use to the Health Services Officer;

- Completely fill out two (2) copies of the borrower’s occupancy permit. Permit must be presented to the guard- on-duty before occupying the room;

- Strictly facilitate the use of the Mini-Hospital with proper care and order; He/She shall be duly liable for any loss and/or damage incur.


Guidelines and Procedures for Borrowing and Returning of Materials/ Equipment at the Mini-Hospital


The CI-borrower must:

- Secure a permit three (3) days before the actual use from the Health Services Officer to give the office ample time to prepare the materials needed. In case of an URGENT request, the CI-borrower must write a letter of request duly approved by the College Dean. Even then, said urgent request MAY ONLY be allowed if materials needed are still available;


- Completely fill out the borrower’s slip with specified items/materials/equipment and quantity. (Including

portable sink);


- Counter sign the student’s borrower’s slip, in case the CI-borrower would let the student borrow materials. The Health Services Office strictly observes that any damage and/or loss of items/materials/equipment shall be CHARGED to the CI-borrower and the student-borrower. Damage and/or loss must be reported to Health Services Officer for appropriate action;


- Borrowed items/materials/equipment must be returned to the nurse-on-duty at the Mini-Hospital

immediately after use;


- All items/materials/equipment must be in same condition and complete as borrowed;


- In case the borrowed items are not returned within clinic hours, the borrower shall be held responsible to safe keep the borrowed items/materials/equipment until the next day.

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