Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center manages and maintains adequate, relevant and updated learning resources that are accessible to serve the institution and the entire GLOBAL Innovative community. It envisions a functional library which serves as a hub for academic and professional activities by maximizing the use of resources and facilities that supports the lifelong learning process of its clients.


Library Hours

LRC is open from Monday to Saturday, 7:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. No library service on Sundays and Holidays.


Entitled to use the LRC

- Officially registered students of GLOBAL Innovative

- Faculty Members

- Alumni

- Admin Personnel

- Visitors/Community

- Students from other schools with proper recommendation or referral from their Chief Librarian.

- Professionals from business industry and academe with valid identification card.


Library Card Requirements:

- Two (2) pcs. 1x1 colored picture with white background

- Current Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF) with Official Receipt. Old students are required to validate their library card every semester. Applications of library card should be done during enrollment time. Library Card information will remain confidential and may only be accessed by parents and faculty as the need arises.


Lost Library Card

- Report to LRC lost library card immediately

- Fill out an application for a duplicate library card

- Pay the duplicate library card fee at the Cashier’s Window


On Borrowing of Books and Other Learning Resources

- Students may borrow two (2) books at the same time for OVERNIGHT use only.

- Fiction and Life Skills books may be borrowed for five (5) days.

- Periodicals such as journals, magazines, newspapers and multimedia including Thesis, Special Projects are for ROOM USE ONLY.

- Renewal can be made as long as the books are not requested. Books must be presented when renewing a book.

- Photocopying of periodicals shall be allowed; materials used must be returned immediately.

- Borrowing by PROXY is strictly PROHIBITED.

- Library cards are NON-TRANSERABLE. Students caught using borrowed library card and lend their library card are subject for disciplinary action.

- One (1) week before the final examinations, all books shall be for ROOM USE ONLY.


On Recall of Books

Any book borrowed may be recalled if the:

- teacher has an urgent need of the book;

- is overdue; and

- library is conducting its annual inventory.


On Lost/Damaged Books and other Printed Learning Materials

- Any book received with damage must be reported immediately to the librarian. The borrower shall be held accountable in failing to do so.

-  A lost book must be replaced with an exact copy of the book or its latest edition, if available, by the borrower within thirty (30) days. In case where there is no available copy, the borrower shall be obliged to pay the current price/amount of the book. However, if the book is classified as a rare book and is published by foreign publication, the borrower shall pay double the price of lost book.


Mutilation, Stealing of Library Materials

- Anyone caught performing any acts such as writing on books, mutilating, stealing, and tearing off pages of library materials shall be subjected to suspension or expulsion, as the case may be.


Fines and Penalties / Sanctions

Students are expected to return the book on time.

- A fine shall be imposed for overdue books.

- Students who refuse or fail to settle their library accounts shall be given an appropriate

  disciplinary action.


LRC Computer/Internet Use

- Present student valid ID.

- LRC will assign a computer station.


General Policy on the Use of LRC Computer and Internet

- The computer station shall only be used for school-related educational research; not to be used for games, online-shopping, gambling, etc. and/or for the installation of personal software, database or spreadsheets.

- Students shall only be given two (2) hours in a day to use the workstation and must only be used by the assigned user.

- Use of audio CDs/DVDs shall be allowed as long as the volume does not interfere with other users.

- Unacceptable use that are subject for disciplinary action includes:

-  Attempting to circumvent security systems on any facility, or using a computer account without authorization;

- Developing program that might damage the software or hardware components;

- Breaching the terms and conditions of a software licensing agreement;

- Using the internet and computers in any way that violates school policy and regulations.

- Users are responsible for any losses or damages sustained by the LRC as a result of their internet use or their violation of the security of the library computer systems.

- Users must assume full responsibility for the assigned workstation.

- Users are expected to close all programs before leaving the workstation.


Discipline in the Library

- Students, faculty, admin personnel and visitors are required to log-in at the circulation desk.

- Observe silence. Idle conversation, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise must be avoided.

- Mobile phones must be in silent mode at all times and calls must be answered outside the Library.

- Eating, sleeping or doing industrial work are strictly prohibited.

- Keep the Library clean. Don’t litter the tables or floor with waste paper and other scraps; use the waste baskets provided for this purpose.

- Keep things in order. Push your chair back against the table when you leave the Library.

- Return to proper shelves all books used in the circulation room; Individual volumes of many-volume General References such as encyclopedias and almanacs must be returned to their proper places.

- Handle books and other materials with care.

- Reader’s services shall cease ten minutes before the indicated closing time.

-  The Library Officer and Staff are authorized to evict or refuse entry of users who exhibit unruly

   behavior such as:

- Unauthorized rearranging/destroying of books, newspapers, multimedia equipment and other library materials;

- Creatiing unnecessary noise;

- Displaying unusual actions that tend to distract / irritate other users.


Library Clearance

Library clearance shall only be given after all LRC accountabilities have been settled.


Sufficient Learning Resources. Efficient Library Service.



Our library is a comprehensive resource for GCIC students, faculty, alumni and staff with a collection that includes more than 12,000 number of books on variety of subjects and audiovisual items in CD and DVD format that are used by faculty for their presentations and lectures.



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