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Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology


Fascinated by the US medical drama TV series “House, M.D.” where which the lead doctor, alongside his team, investigates symptoms and their causes? In real life, this team is actually supported by medical technologists who are trained in medical research and testing. Doctors will not arrive at correct conclusions if test reports from laboratories are not accurate, authentic, and reliable.



With the advancement and breakthroughs in the medical field, there is a growing demand for trained individuals in medical testing laboratories to make proper diagnostics. In the US and Canada where there is a shortage of medical technologists, the Filipino medical technologist has an advantage, given his ability to work with people of different ethnicities. In addition, the similarity in health system makes medical technologists trained in the Philippines comfortable in US laboratories. Medical technologists provide essential clinical information to health care providers and are responsible for assuring reliable results that contribute to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various medical conditions. Laboratory  tests are extremely valuable and contribute to majority of medical decisions made by healthcare professionals.


GLOBAL Medical Technology program features:


- A comprehensive study of basic and health sciences


- Competencies in scientific research, methods, and processes, having acquired skills in instrumentation, laboratory diagnosis, methodology, and life-saving procedures;


- Emphasis on attitudes and values needed to become competitive and effective member of the healthcare delivery system


Medical Technology Job Description


Graduates of BS-Medical Technology are expected to work in clinical laboratories and may perform as a professional medical laboratory technologist within the public and private sectors that surrounds in various fields and clinic applications. They may also choose to work in the fields of medico-legal laboratory, drug testing laboratory, HIV/AIDS testing laboratory, Information system, quality management system and research.


It is impossible for the Doctors to have a correct diagnosis without precise test results from laboratories. Being equipped with the proper attitude, knowledge and clinical laboratory skills would be the greatest experience in saving a patient’s life. That is why GLOBAL INNOVATIVE‘s teaching methods ensure that the program consists of widely interesting clinical laboratory activities.


The students will be thrilled of the results they’ll produce. It will encourage them to explore even deeper as they gain a better confidence. The unique feature of the School for Medical Technology holds an extensive curriculum based on the latest high technology clinical laboratories that can only be seen in first class hospitals and research institutions. Integration of the Medical Technology Synthesis will guarantee the students to be successful as future Medical Technologist/Clinical Laboratory Scientists who are internationally competent.


If you are fascinated with the things not seen by the naked eye and have been wondering and investigating how doctors come up with their diagnosis, then BS Medical Technology is the right one for you.


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