Thank you for your interest to become part of the home of Culinary Innovation, GLOBAL INNOVATIVE CULINARY.


GIC is glad to assist you in planning for your future career in the Culinary and Food Service Industry as we equip you with the right skills set to becoming the extra-ordinary professional chef you wish to become. Through INNOVATION as our key ingredient, we hope to produce in you a new breed of competitive, out-of-the-box, entrepreneurial and well-rounded culinary experts and leaders that will wow the world! This exciting journey begins when you enroll in the GIC PROFESSIONAL CULINARY ARTS DIPLOMA (PCAD) Program.


PCAD is an 8-month Professional Culinary Arts program which provides excellent formal culinary education and intensive training that are relevant in the hospitality and culinary workplace. Globally competitive curriculum, innovative and creative culinary sessions, state-of-the-art training facilities and equipment are designed to meet current trends and techniques practiced and accepted in the industry, both locally and globally.


WHEN WE SAY GLOBAL, WE MEAN IT! With our PCAD program, you get the chance to visit selected Asian countries and explore the diverse flavors of Asia and be part of our international trainings, immersion programs and exposure trips.


On top of these, our Culinary Program prepares you to achieve four (4) competency evidences and four (4) other special skills enhancement certifications making you a truly competitive world-class culinary graduate:

• TESDA Cookery National Certification Level II

• TESDA Bread and Pastry Production National Certification Level II

• Professional Culinary Arts Diploma

• SERVSAFE Certification (International Food Handler Accreditation)

• English & French for Chefs Certification

• Food Photography Certification

• Food Aesthetics and Molecular Gastronomy Certification

• Computerized Food Costing Control System Operations Certifications

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