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Are you enthralled by the bustling busy streets of New York City? Fascinated by the romantic cobble-stoned streets of Paris? Do you enjoy being a kid again in Disneyland? Or, better yet, dreaming of the sandy white shores of Boracay, an equally world class destination that Filipinos take pride of?



Undeniably, a lot of people are drawn to a life of fun and adventure. Who wouldn’t want to fly around the world and, at the same time, earn a living? Whether you are a flight attendant, a travel advisor, or a tour guide, Tourism as a career, will make Planet Earth your office address!


Tourism is an ever-evolving and dynamic course that gives you a chance to go places, interact with people from different cultures, and simply experience the world. Be a proud ambassador of the Philippines to the world and realize your dream of being a globetrotter with GLOBAL’S Tourism Management Program.

A strong program featuring international tourism business operations and standards, tourism sustainable development and the integration of different tourism management features.


- A diverse curriculum that spans the entire range of tourism sectors, exposing you of the industry while you’re still at school.


- Study tours to local and global tourist hotspots, including ecotourism destinations (a hot tourism trend!)


- On-site international learning opportunities, including externship and cruise ship immersion.


- Camps and workshops to appreciate the finer points of dining, arts and culture, and leisure activities.


- Personality development program featuring interesting topics such as manners and social etiquette


With the emergence of Integrated Resorts worldwide, the tourism and resort industry is growing rapidly. Apart from being a flight attendant, a tour specialist, or a travel advisor, you may explore opportunities:


- in allied industries such as hospitality, food and beverage, and events management; or

- as entrepreneurs and managers of tourism businesses committed in practicing sustainable tourism development

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